23 November 2009


Everyone who wants a say in where the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships are needs to go to bikepolo.ca, read the bids, and let me know by Tuesday. I will be reporting the thoughts of BR to one of the regional reps (Rob ATX or Ryan PCOLA) so that our voice is heard.

Both bids are very strong. Keep in mind, Madison will be cheaper in every respect, they've done it before, and Madison kinda rules.

Boston is an amazing big town, there will most likely be free lodging. And maybe we could check out a preseason Red Sox game...

New Orleans Tourny

What's up, BROLO!!!!

Good times were had at the New Orleans Bike Polo Tournament.

Team Coonass Smash (Mark L, Dustin L, Andy Tuba L) finished somewhere in the 9-12 range, out of 19 teams.

Saturday record: 2-3.
Wins against one of the Austin teams, and FTL teams.
Losses to COMO (came in 3rd,) FTL (came in 2nd,) and BOT 9 (Frazer, Jace, Paul NOLA.)

Sunday record: 2-2.
Lost first game to Lonesome Beards (Travis BR, Cien and Mikey NOLA)
Win against The Originals (Anne Savannah, Angel BR, Tiffany PCola?)
Win against a team from Mobile (Don't remember their name)
Loss to a NOLA team (Will and Lando NOLA, and Trevor from Calgary?)

Travis's team had a good run too. They ended up finishing in fourth place. They had an epic tie game against team Pandzig (Chris and Peter from Philly, Jeff NOLA) They reset and played a sudden death game-first team to score moves on.

Good times, good times.

Talk to any of us that went for more details.

01 November 2009



We need to figure out a way to communicate effectively with one another. Today I spent an hour loading the boards into the Van Prix, driving them to the courts, and sitting there for half an hour waiting for folks to show up. No one told me they couldn't make it. If communication was had between some of the rest of you, it didn't make it to me.

On that note, we need to purchase some chain and a combo padlock so we can drill holes in our boards and cones and leave them chained under the highway. That would alleviate the problem we had today. Can everyone chip in 3 or 4 dollars towards that cause?

And, finally, what are teams to NOLA? Dave, Travis, and Colin? Mark? Dustin? Who else is going? We need to start playing on those teams to get some reps in. I want to know so that I can organize a team with some out of towners, if need be. Let's communicate.

29 October 2009

Article on BROLO in 225 Magazine

225 Magazine is not just for 225 area code... it gets distributed as far away as Mississippi! This means that BROLO is being publicized to a large audience in this really nice (aside from a few small issues) article! Check it out--


27 October 2009

P-Cola recap

So from what I hear, Dave and Travis rolled over to Pensacola this past Friday for the 2009 edition of Bike Polo Fall Break. This was a random team polo tournament with teams chosen once you get there. Dave ended up on a team with Jeff from NOLA, and they were the winning team! Way to GEAUX Dave!!!!! Great job Travis and Dave representing the BROLO style.

We will play polo this Sunday. I have heard from Nick that since the Saints are playing on Monday he will be able to make it. I hope the same goes for Colin as well. Those games last Tuesday night (Travis, Jason, Weeber, Colin, Mark, Rosanne, and Andy) were some fun games. Keep BROLO happening!

29 September 2009

Important Dates for BROLO-ers

It is winter tournament time guys...

Let's get organized and push it to these tournaments!

October 23-25 - Bike Polo Fall Break, Pensacola, Florida

November 20-22 - New Orleans Hardcourt Bike Polo Open

February 22-28 - Bike Polo Spring Break, Pensacola, Florida

WHO IS IN!!!!!!!!!!

11 August 2009

Austin semi-recap

Travis, Dave, and Colin went to Austin this past weekend for the Austin Bicycle Film Festival Polo Tournament. According to Travis, the play was good, and BROLO represented Baton Rouge in a very positive way. I believe the winning team was a team from NOLA, so props to our sister city and their polo team for showing how we roll in Louisiana. WE PLAY POLO IN LOUISIANA.

No one showed for polo locally in BTR, I think it was just one of those off weekends where with 3 folks gone, Andy and Rose injured, everyone else just sorta did other stuff.

That said, lets show up on the 16th and play some crazy polo. I haven't heard from NOLA Jeff to see if he is rolling up here this weekend or if he may stay in NOLA. But, either way, we will be there playing BROLO. Come on out!

02 August 2009

Sunday Aug 2 RECAP

Mobile brought 4, PCOLA brought 1, NOLA brought 2, BR brought a ton!!! Good stuff BROLO players.

Next week, Colin, David, and Travis will be team BROLO in Austin, TX at the Austin Bicycle Film Festival Polo Tournament. Andy is their coach, because he broke his shoulder blade.

Despite these guys being gone, BROLO will still happen at Tina's House of Pain at 1PM, so you better show up! Mark, Dustin, and Angel all have their own mallets now... community mallets are becoming more and more community, as Colin's find of ski poles is enabling BR to really customize our mallets for ourselves. Thanks Colin! If you want ski poles, they are 2 for $5. We are reimbursing his brother for shipping, then making BROLO stickers with the rest of the cash, so its for a good cause.

See you guys next time!


01 August 2009

Sunday Aug 2

So, BR(p)OLO followers. Word on the streets (read: internet) says that we may have a large turnout this sunday. Let's show up en masse! (that's french I think for in large numbers..)

MOBPOLO will be showing up with at least 3 folks, Jeff is coming up from NOLA again, and more from NOLA may roll up to use BR as a warm up for Austin next weekend. Lets kick some serious ass and play some hard polo.

As you may or may not have heard, I broke my shoulder blade. I am grounded for up to 8 weeks. But I will play at least 2 games on Sunday, and will play in Austin. No matter what. I'm not fucking around with this. I hate watching and not being able to play. I'll play fucking goalie the whole time or some shit. :-)

You guys rule, polo rules, BR rules.

Peace, Love, and BR(p)OLO, HAVE A NICE DAY!

27 July 2009

Great Turnout!!!

This past Sunday we had another great day of turnout. Nathanial (sp?), Kenneth, Jon Peterson, and another guy on a Giant Mountain Bike whose name escapes me at the moment came out and played for the first time ever!!!! Unfrotunately, Nathanial is moving back to VA soon, so we are losing him. Hopefully he returns to Harrisburg stoked on polo and plays up there.

In addition to those four folks, Dave, Travis, Jeff (NOLA), Angel, Mark, Keller, Colin, Mikey (NOLA), and probably someone else obvious that I am forgetting, came out to play.

I am sidelined with a shoulder injury from a bike crash so I didn't play. Clay came by to hang out, as did Mark M., and Timarie (Mikey from NOLA's lady). Travis's parents also came by to watch for a short spell.

It was a great day of polo until......... it rained........
All the water from the interstate above came rushing down to where we were below, sending us running to move our bags and coolers to get out of the way of the nasty oil/water from the roadway above us...

Anywho, great day of polo, keep it up BR, keep the turnout coming, spread the word, and we'll see you next Sunday.

21 July 2009


Nice job Baton Rouge!

Sunday was another great day of polo. We had 8 folks for most of the day, still missing Deezer and Hick Assassin. So, it is looking like we can have a pretty consistent play, if all these same folks keep turning out. Dustin is coming a long way, and will be a serious threat in future games. Keller is learning more very time and its good to see him coming out consistently too.

So, keep showing up, keep playing, and we will see you this Sunday!

14 July 2009


Hick Assassin and Andy Tuba went to Pensacola this past weekend. We played some awesome polo with PCola, NOLA, and Ft. Lauderdale. Thanks to Ryan E, Ryan S, and Tony for being good hosts, to AB for getting arrested and never letting the weekend get boring, to Paul, Mike, Timarie (sp...) and Jeff from NOLA, Sam and Jason from FTL, and anyone else I am forgetting.

The alley cat was great, Petunia had a great time, as did Jason (who technically finished first, just rode past a checkpoint with out checking in) and Andy who finished 6th and got largest and most outlandish prize.


09 July 2009


This weekend, I will be out of town. BR(p)OLO will go on though!! America Street @ I-110 is now officially labeled Tina's House of Pain. Sooooo......polo, this Sunday, 1PM @ Tina's House of Pain. Bring it on Baton Rouge....

06 July 2009

GREAT TURNOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a great day of polo yesterday. We had nothing but B.R. people show, and we still had 9 people! That may be the most we've ever had with only B.R. folks showing up.

In addition to our 9 players, we had Amy from 225 magazine come out and take a few shots and talk to us about polo. Mark dropped by and brought us some much needed water, and Rosanne showed up with a bowl of fresh watermelon! What a great day.....

Keller---I think you may have left your helmet. Call me 3eight6-5eight9-67eightzero.

Everyone who ate pizza....please throw me 3 or 4 bucks to help me cover that.

01 July 2009

Possible magazine interview...

225 magazine will be doing an article on BR(p)OLO in the next few weeks. So....if you show up to play polo consistently, you might get interviewed....

shut up and play polo

Nuff said. When we say we are gonna play, show up. :-) Better turnout promotes better play promoting better polo.

30 June 2009

June 28th, 2009

This past Sunday, BR(p)OLO was lucky enough to have AB from Pensacola, Frazer (temprarily) from Mobile, and Jeff and Paul from NOLA come up to play polo with us. Colin, Jason, David, Jared, and myself were also there.

Thanks to Clay for bringing us popsicles.

Thanks to the DPS officer for kicking us out of our parking garage. We found a better spot anyway.

Thanks to Jeff and Paul for having polo eyes open and finding our new spot for us.

If anyone has sheets of plywood that are going unused, please let me know. We can use it.

24 June 2009

Atlanta Midsummer Invitational 3 v 3 Polo Tournament

The AMIPOLO Tournament was this past weekend. Team BR(p)OLO got smashed.... We went 0-5 getting outscored 5-0, 5-1, 3-1, 5-0, and 5-0.

The first round of this tournament was supposed to be a round robin style day of polo. I believe there were roughly 20 teams that showed up. This would mean that each team should have played 19 games. Well, the two courts were not managed very well, and the format was not thought out very well, so each team playing 19 games did not happen. Some teams played as few as 4 games, some played as many as 8. We got a draw that included Carve Smash from New Orleans, Pensanola of Pensacola/New Orleans, COMOsexuals from Columbia Misouri, XXO from Ft. Lauderdale, and Shanty Chasers from Jacksonville, FL. All of those teams, except for Shanty Chasers, were in the final 8....

Other teams got a draw of teams that were not in the final 8 at all....and ended up in the final 8 with a perfect (or near perfect) record.

All those things aside, the tournament was a learning experience. I know that I personally felt out of place and intimidated and didn't play my normal game. Roadrash played well, and Weeber played his normal brand too.

Baton Rouge just plays weak, slow polo in comparison COMO, RVA, FTL, and others. That said, we have been playing since March, and have already shown up to a polo tournament. So, BR(p)OLO has the devotion, and the motivation. I think we have the setup now with our rides to be comeptitive. We just need to consistently play. We need people to show up. So, if you come out to Polo on Sundays, keep on showing up. If you show up every once in a while, SHOW THE FUCK UP every time. We need consistent play. We need consistent attendance. It would be a dream if 8-10 people show up every week. That way some folks could take a rest every other game or so, and we could work on our game. Let's make BTR a hidden gem of bike polo.

16 June 2009

Please check out...


a big event to happen in BTR in November needs help.

Austin post

Hi all---

there is a post at http://atxbpsc.blogspot.com/2009/06/lft.html that kinda recaps this past weekend's polo from the Austin, TX point of view. It was a good time! Robert, Israel, and Jordan had supremely good bike handling skills, and I look forward to getting to play them in Atlanta.

Come on out to polo tonight. We are going to be playing everyone against BTR-A in order to prepare for the tourny this weekend. It will be fun! Please show....

15 June 2009

Polo in NOLA

Weeber, Roadrash, and Dr. Tuba drove down to NOLA to play some killer polo yesterday. Luckily, no one suffered any broken bones or major injuries. Last week, one of the NOLA guys had to get stitches in his knee...

The trips to NOLA are in preparation for the Atlanta Midsummer Invitational in Atlanta, Georgia next weekend. Travis, Andy, and David are on a team, and Jared is rolling with us up there.

We have a free place to stay, so all should be fun!

Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/saucecherry/sets/72157619366766713/

July Alleycat

Check out http://bralleycat.blogspot.com for details on the July race. Weeber is heading this one up.

08 June 2009


I am in the process of moving all things bralley cat from this blog over to http://bralleycat.blogspot.com

Bike polo and the alley cats are happening with enough regularity and fervor that they deserve their own space. That way it is less confusing for out of towners to find what is going on where.

Polo! Polo! Polo!

Played about 8 hours of polo yesterday in New Orleans with NOLA and P-COLA. Some good lessons were learned, I think. Polo is a game of ball handling and bicycle control, not so much speed and hard shots. It is about creating an opportune moment and then siezing that opportunity. Bring it on, Baton Rouge!

06 June 2009

New Orleans Polo

Hey folks! We are gonna meet at the parking garage where we normally play on Sunday at 1PM. We are gonna roll out from there shortly there-after (FOR REAL) to go to New Orleans to play polo down there. It will be Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Pensacola, and Austin all playing in the same spot. If you can make it, please let me Justin Weber know. I have room for one more person/bike in my car, Justin has room for two people and two bikes in his truck. If you can drive people and bikes, please bring your vehicle as well. If need be, we can leave it parked downtown. We will return to BTR sometime in the evening (7 or 8?)

05 June 2009



For some reason, Kathryn seems blown away that bike polo exists in Baton Rouge. And, that we are organizing alley cat races. Because we ride this way, we must be hipsters, according to her post. And so I say... HIPSTERS UNITE!!!!!!!

28 May 2009

Stairmaster Route

I've been getting some questions from folks who either didn't race or are from out of town asking what the route was for the stairmaster. Follow the link below to see it.


Prose version of the route:

Start @ Laurel and I-110
W on Laurel, L on 6th, R on Convention, R into parking lot just W of 4th
Follow alley ways/parking lots in between 4th and 3rd until you get to Main.
Follow 4th to Spanish Town Rd, R on Spanish Town Rd, L on 5th St, R on Lakeland
L onto parking garage.
Down 11 back to 5th. Into Armory Park.
Up 15 in front of Armory. Around cannon to the back of the Capitol bldg.
Down 28
Up 28
To 3rd st, R on Lafayette, to Capitol Park Visitor's Center
Down 11 to River Rd. Follow River Rd to Pedestrian Bridge
Up 28, E to end of bridge. L, down 11, down 5, up 9 to St. Philip St, L on North, L on River Rd
Pass up pedestrian bridge, go up stairs under fountain. Go up and over pedestrian bridge again.
Immediately following pedestrian bridge, go down stairs to left.
Ride under pedestrian bridge to meandering ramp up levee (watch out for sleeping bums)

Ride to just N or paper clip pier, down to water level. Ride N on levee, jumping the 3 railings.
When the stairs end, climb to top of levee, run down 7 stairs to Florida. East on Florida to 10th, N on 10th, then W on laurel....

23 May 2009

Thank You

A huge thank you to:
Mike Guy for helping me out with all these races.
Richard at Wabi Bicycles, MD at Velocity Rims, Steven at Milwaukee Bicycle Company,
Nicole at IRO Cycle INC., all the folks at Seagull Messenger Bags, Vic at One Fixed clothing, Cort and HERC Apparel, Chris and Scott at Pedal Play Bicycles, Mark at Capitol Cyclery, Brad at Urban Velo Magazine, Katie and her beautiful painting, WES at soldergal.com, Yanco at Yanco Pads, and of course, Dave and Chelsea's Cafe for letting us crash there after all our rides.

Also, big time thanks for Mark for taking photos at all the stages and getting some solid documentation of the amazingness that you guys provide by showing up to all these races.

Those of you who ride in these make Baton Rouge a bikeable city. By riding and showing people that we belong on the streets, that we aren't afraid to be on these streets, we are making a statement and helping those who will ride long after we are gone have a safer ride. Not only are we having fun, but we are raising awareness.

How many people watched some dude/lady on a bike roll up to wal-mart on Siegen or Whole Foods on May 1st?

Remember the craziness of the first stop at Red Star in the bricklayer on May 8th? Everyone walking by wanted to know what was up...

Graduation day on campus, and there is a scavenger hunt going on? Amazing!

17 people running up and down all the stairs carrying bikes near the river center during Live After Five? How many people saw you ride your bike downtown on May 22nd??

Raising awareness. Pushing boundaries. You all responded wonderfully.

Next month is organized by Clay and Keith, and I believe is called Math and Calculations (or something like that) Keep your eyes here for more info on that. We will go back to our first Friday of the month routine, 5 bucks, 6:30 registration, 7PM race, after party at Chelsea's.

Justin is organizing July, and I have a killer idea for August, so that is when we will be back to my brand of insanity... :-)

Final Overall Standings

Name st.1 st.2 st.3 st.4 final
1 Justin 100 98 92 99 389 1st overall
2 Keith 99 96 93 98 386 2nd overall
3 David 96 93 99 96 384 3rd overall, 1st fixie
4 Matt 94 92 89 66 341 DFL overall
5 Clayton 0 100 94 95 289
6 Jason 97 0 86 100 283 1st place father
7 Moshe 0 92 100 61 253 1st cruiser
8 Travis 50 97 0 97 244 2nd fixie
9 Jake 98 99 0 0 197
10 Josh 0 95 0 93 188 1st mountain bike
11 Nick 0 91 0 92 183
12 Jared 0 0 95 65 160
13 Colin 0 0 90 64 154 2nd place father
14 Lauren 0 0 89 61 150 1st place lady rider
15 Ause 50 93 0 0 143
16 Andy 0 94 0 33 127
17 Chris 0 0 98 0 98
17 Jen 0 0 98 0 98 2nd place lady rider
19 Rose 0 0 96 0 96
20 Gary 95 0 0 0 95
21 Dustin 0 0 0 94 94
22 (quasi tall bike) Jon 0 0 91 0 91
22 Chris 0 0 0 91 0 91
24 Philip 0 0 0 90 0 90
25 (Cap. Cyc.) Jon 0 0 87 0 87
26 Mark 0 0 85 0 85
27 Jonesy 0 0 84 0 84
28 Alex 0 0 0 63 63
29 Santiago 0 0 0 62 62
30 Mike 0 0 0 59 59 1st place co-organizer
30 Angie 0 0 0 59 59
32 James 50 0 0 0 50

Stage Four results

After a grueling schedule of four race, we are finally done. Here are the results from stage four:

Jason 100
Justin 99
Keith 98
Travis 97
David 96
Clay 95
Dustin 94
Josh 93
Nick 92
Chris 91
Philip 90
Matt 66 (starting here, riders completed 2 laps)
Jared 65
Colin 64
Alex 63
Santiago 62
Moshe 61
Lauren 61
Mike 59
Angie 59
Andy 33 (starting here, riders completed 1 lap..... this was me....hehe)

22 May 2009

21 May 2009

if you just realize what I just realized....

then you will know that the potential exists for a tie here in the Tour Da Rouge overall standings.

With Justin, Keith, and Dave all being separated by two points, it is entirely possible that we could have a tie.


I have a tiebreaker in mind.........It won't be easy. I actually hope it does end in a tie because I want to see this tiebreaker happen......It is a triumvirate of destruction and mayhem....

Hopefully, by the time the points are calculated, the potentially tied racers won't have already downed 5 beers from Chelsea's Cafe in celebration of being "done"

*evil* :-)

Stage Four start location

Stage Four (stairmaster) will begin under I-110 at Laurel. As always, we will start registration ($5) at 6:30, and start the race promptly at 7PM. As with all stages of the Tour (in honor of National Bike Month) helmets are required.

Please bring friends!! We need as many folks as possible to show up for this stage. We are doing the prizes at Chelsea's Cafe during our normal after-party.

ALSO, KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE WEATHER. WE WILL ROLL RAIN OR SHINE, BUT DRESS APPROPRIATELY (aka bring dry clothes to change into, should it be raining)

20 May 2009

Racer count...

As you can see from the Tour da Rouge information on the side bar, we have had an increasing number of riders for each race. We had ten racers in the prologue. We had 12 racers in the bricklayer. We had 17 racers in the campus crawl.

Now, I challenge you, every single rider, bring a friend who has not raced in a Tour da Rouge event yet. Make them come. Especially if you see Sara Beth or her boyfriend. They haven't come out to a single race yet, and they need to. Lets get at least 20 folks racing in the Stairmaster.

Oh, and Matt-----as long as you show up and register and complete the first lap, you are guaranteed a DOPE prize. So...please show up.... Don't think that just because you are in fourth you are not going to get a prize. With only 4 folks who have showed up to all four races, I will make sure to hook you up... :-)

RIDE SAFE, and see you Friday!

19 May 2009


So......there is going to be a surprise format for the three 5-mile laps of the stairmaster. Be prepared......

18 May 2009

Prize Categories

Here are the tentative prize categories.

Overall categories (for racers who finished all 4 races)
Sponsors for these racers may include (but are not limited to)
Wabi Bicycles, Velocity Rims, Milwaukee Bicycle Co., IRO Cycle Inc., Seagull Messenger Bags

??????? - 1st Overall
??????? - 2nd Overall
??????? - 3rd Overall

??????? - 1st Fixed Gear (David kinda has this one in the bag, as long as he shows up this week)

??????? - D.F.L.

Individual Categories:
Sponsors for these winners may include (but are not limited to) Seagull Messenger Bags, Urban Velo Magazine, Milwaukee Bicycle Co., One Fixed Clothing, HERC Apparel, Soldergal, Capital Cyclery, Chelsea's Cafe, Yanco Pads

1st place female (So far, Jen.... but if she doesn't show up this week, all it takes is Lauren or Rose to show up and pay and start the race and they win....)

1st place cruiser (Moshe pretty much has this one in the bag...)

1st place flat tire (I manufactured this prize for myself since I rode the last 5 miles of stage two on a flat tire... Chris and Pedal Play Bicycles donated a seat bag so I can carry around some spare inner tubes as a prize for this one...)

1st place O.O.T. (if anyone from out of town shows up...)

2nd place fixed gear

Plus, prizes for 1st and 2nd place of each stage
So far:

Justin - 1st place stage one
Keith - 2nd place stage one

Clayton - 1st place stage two
Jake - 2nd place stage two

Moshe - 1st place stage three
David - second place stage three

??????? - 1st place stage four
??????? - 2nd place stage four

Overall Standings

We've got ourselves a race, ladies and worms. Only 2 (two, dos, due, zwei) points seperate the first three riders... Can Justin hold off Keith and David?

Name St. 1 St. 2 St. 3 Total
Justin 100 98 92 290
David 96 93 99 288
Keith 99 96 93 288
Matt 94 92 89 275
Jake 98 99 0 197
Clayton 0 100 94 194
Moshe 0 92 100 192
Jason 97 0 86 183
Travis 50 97 0 147
Ause 50 93 0 143
Chris 0 0 98 98
Jen 0 0 98 98
Rose 0 0 96 96
Gary 95 0 0 95
Josh 0 95 0 95
Jared 0 0 95 95
Andy 0 94 0 94
Nick 0 91 0 91
(quasi tall bike) Jon 0 0 91 91
(Cap. Cyc.) Jon 0 0 87 87
Jonesy 0 0 84 84
Colin 0 0 90 90
Lauren 0 0 89 89
Mark 0 0 85 85
James 50 0 0 50

Stage Three Results

Name - stage three points - race points awarded

Moshe - 195 - 100
Dave - 175 - 99
Chris - 170 - 98
Jen - 170 - 98
Rose - 165 - 96
Jared - 155 - 95
Clayton - 145 - 94
Keith - 140 - 93
Weeber - 135 - 92
(quasi tall bike) Jon - 120 - 91
Colin - 115 - 90
Matt - 110 - 89
Lauren - 110 - 89
(Cap. Cyc.) Jon - 105 - 87
Jason - 95 - 86
Mark - 90 - 85
Jonesy - 65 - 84

There were a total of 320 points possible. 260 via the manifest, 60 bonus points (20 each) for a) an item over 20 lbs, b) an item over 4 feet long, c) an item that is alive, non-human, and non-plant

More Pictures!!!!

Tour da Rouge Stage One - Prologue

Tour da Rouge Stage Three - Campus Crawl

13 May 2009

New Sponsor!!!

Yanco Pads from California is sending a few of their bike pads for us to hand out as prizes. Check out their stuff! They have some pretty amazing designs and patterns for a very intelligent (and chic) way to protect your precious Fuji Track Pro carbon frame or yourvintage 70's fresh out of the box Raleigh conversion baby-sky-blue frame, or your daily geared cruiser or your mountain bike.

11 May 2009


Mark Martin (aka the one legged jabberwocky stop on the race to the ends of the earth aka port royal in the brick layer aka city park in the prologue) has some pretty dynamite photos from our Bricklayer this past Friday. Check 'em out!


New Sponsor!!!

Wabi bikes has donated a frame. PLEASE check out their website, send Richard a thank you note, let him know it is appreciated. Also, talk about Wabi (rhymes with hobby...) cycles and their frames/complete bikes. New companies need word of mouth to get the positive business karma on their side... So, bring on the racing! You guys are working hard and only have two more races to go. This next one is gonna be alot of fun!!!! (campus crawl, friday, $5, 6:30, Middleton Loading Dock)

09 May 2009

2009 Tour Overall Standings Update

Here are the updated Tour da Rouge 2009 standings thru two stages:

Name st. 1 st. 2 total
Weeber 100 98 198
Jake 98 99 197
Keith 99 96 195
David 96 93 189 (First Fixie, so far...)
Matt 94 92 186
Travis 50 97 147 (Second Fixie, so far...)
Ause 50 93 143
Clayton 0 100 100
Jason 97 0 97
Gary 95 0 95
Andy 0 94 94 (First Flat Tire, so far...)
Moshe 0 92 92 (First Cruiser, so far...)
Nick 0 91 91
James 50 0 50

Next week is the Campus Crawl. Bring your helmet, bring a marker, and bring a digital camera (optional.) $5, 6:30, library loading dock.

Stage Two Results

So, Mike had a pretty brutal scoring and brick getting system made up for us. Since he was the creator and executor of this stage, I was a rider. I will try to explain the points breakdown for this stage as best I can.

First to finish, second to finish, and third to finish got 10, 8, and 6 points respectively, regardless of the number of bricks carried.

The stops were:

Start: Levee and Skip Bertman
First: Red Star
Second: Port Royal
Third: Spanish Moon
Fourth: NGT
Finish: City Park

At each stop, there were enough bricks for each rider to take one brick. In addition, the first, second, and third riders to each stop were to take 3 extra, 2 extra, and one extra, respectively. So, if the same person were first to each stop, they would have one brick from the beginning, plus 4 from each checkpoint, for a total of 17 bricks!!!

4th thru 12th riders to each stop could take their one brick, plus however many of 7 extra bricks they wanted.

At the finishline, points were awarded for total number of bricks plus place points, if necessary.

So the individual points for this stage broke down like this:

Clayton 10 1st place points, plus 12 brick points = 22 points
Jake 8 2nd place points, plus 12 brick points = 20 points
Weeber 6 3rd place points, plus 10 brick points = 16 points
Travis 14 brick points = 14 points (6th finisher)
Keith 11 brick points = 11 points (4th finisher)
Josh 10 brick points = 10 points (10th finisher)
Andy 9 brick points = 9 points (5th finisher)
David 8 brick points = 8 points (7th finisher)
Ause 8 brick points = 8 points (9th finisher)
Matt 7 brick points = 7 points (8th finisher)
Moshe 7 brick points = 7 points (12th finisher)
Nick 5 brick points = 5 points (11th finisher)

I heard of some folks taking some really funky routes, so I figured I would post mine up here for your consumption. Here is my route: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2805692
I got a flat tire almost exactly where the 10 mile bubble is.... so the last 4.5 miles or so, I was riding on an absolutely 100% flat tire. And still finished 5th, time wise... imagine what could have been if the tire woulda held out... >:-)

b.r.alley cats rule. You guys rule for coming out every week and doing this. It will pay off!

08 May 2009


Make sure you bring a big bag for tonight's Stage Two of the Tour da Rouge. Tonight is the Bricklayer. Mike is organizing this one, so I am racing it. All I know is we are carrying bricks and it will be brutally fun. Come on out, bring your biggest bag, your rack, panier bags, trike with cargo rack, trailer, whatever you can to carry bricks. $5, Skip Bertman Dr and River Rd, 6:30PM. Race starts promptly at 7PM. Good luck!!!

07 May 2009

Call for assistance

Hello Baton Rouge alley cat races and polo players....

We (the Tour da Rouge organizers) have an opportunity to have a really nice sponsor on board.
However, this sponsor can not donate prizes to us. What they can do, is sell us their wares at a percentage off the wholesale price.

I am looking for as many cash donations as possible. Any cash recieved will be used to purchase these prizes, or, if the donation is in excess of that amount, will be applied towards the cost of t-shirts for the racers.

If you are able to help with a financial donation, please contact me
brbikepolo AT gmail DOT com

Thank you in advance!!!

The Tour da Rouge Team (Andy and Mike)

06 May 2009

New Sponsors

Velocity USA is in as a sponsor. Things are really starting to look up for these Tour da Rouge winners. Please come out and ride. Get your friends to come out and ride. Bring your helmet and $5 and a good attitude, and you'll be set for a great time.
Soldergal is in. She makes high quality lockrings...... for your finger!!! Never ride without a lockring? Check out her website http://www.soldergal.com

05 May 2009

Stage One Results

Name         St. 1         Overall
Justin        100             100
Keith          99              99
Jake            98              98
Jason           97              97
David           96             96       (FIRST FIXIE....so far...)
Gary             95              95
Matt            94              94
Travis         50               50 
Ause            50              50 
James         50              50 

50pts = started race, but did not finish race.

As you can see, it is still anyone's game. Most of the guys in the top 5 have said that they have to miss one of the races. With that zero added in, there is still room for anyone to make a run and win these fantastic prizes!!!

Please check out our sponsors. They are listed on the right side of the blog. Thanks!!!!

02 May 2009


One Fixed Clothing is VIC from Los Angeles. Check out his site, and some of his apparel. I especially like the hoodies...
Milewaukee Bicycle Co. is infamous for their Cream City frames and bicycle polo merchandise. If you don't know Ben's Cycle and the Milwaukee Bicycle Co., you need to check them out.
Please make a point to visit the websites for these sponsors. Look into their gear. They are pitching in some major stuff for this Tour. We owe it to them to sho whem our appreciation. Make sure you mention that you are affiliated with the Tour Da Rouge... That way next yaer they will be more apt to help us out again!!!
Tour da Rouge Stage One (Prologue) results will be posted tonight.

26 April 2009


As you can see, there are some pretty monumental progressions being made in the Tour Da Rouge. We have a bunch of great sponsors, so make sure to get as many people out as you can!

A few things:
1) Recommendations for each race:
+Prologue = you vs. the clock - road bike; speed is essential
+Bricklayer = carrying a big load on our back - a big bag is essential (speed too...)
+Campus Crawl = most accessible of all the races, any bike will do. Bring a marker, and a camera might help, but is not necessary. (Yay!)
+Stairmaster = lightest bike possible, do not wear toe clips unless you can get in and out of them REALLY quickly. Don't forget to bring your balance and your thigh muscles.


This rule will not continue to later b.r.alley cats, but in the spirit of National Bike Month, we want this series to be an extra safe one. Especially with the demands that will be placed on you for these 4 races. Please just wear your helmet and don't make it a big deal.


15 April 2009


Registration for this one will be at Baton Rouge Beach on Stanford Avenue.
I hope you are ready, Baton Rouge. This is gonna be a really fantastic series.
We are gonna have so much fun and have some really great prizes to hand out at the end of the series!!!! So far, we have prizes from Seagull Messenger Bags, Urban Velo Magazine, and IRO Cycle. If anyone out there wants to take up making some super DIY t-shirts for these races, please let me know!
brbikepolo [at] gmail [dot] com

04 April 2009

ANNOUNCING THE FIRST: Tour Da Rouge (a b.r.alley cat production)

May, as you might be aware of, is National Bike Month. In May, we are going to change things up a bit when it comes to b.r.ALLEY CATS. We are going to do FOUR of them.

These races will be the same format, $5 each race, but the prizes will be given out at the end of the Tour. Probable prize categories include Overall Winners, Fixie Riders, Lady Riders, Out Of Town Riders, etc. We will also be doing some skid competitions, trackstand competitions, etc so you better find where you stashed your balance.

I will need some assistance with checkpoints for these rides. I have had some friends graciously offer to start and end some of these so that I can ride in them, which is cool. So, thanks for that. You know who you are... :-) BRING IT ON BATON ROUGE!!!! LET'S DO THIS FOR REAL!!!!!

Race To The Ends Of The Earth...A Success

Thanks to all 13 riders who came out for the Baton Rouge edition of the Race To The Ends Of The Earth. The 3rd b.r.Alley Cat went off without too many hitches. We had one rider get in a small crash with a car, everyone was okay. 2 flat tires... Good times for bike riders!!!

The route was roughly 20 miles, depending on your course. The top five riders (Jason, Travis, Clayton, David, and Baine) all had a 1 mile, 3 lap circuit they had to ride once everyone else got back. That was to decide who got the cash prizes to the top two.

We had special spoke cards made for this race by Lauren and Mike. THANK YOU LAUREN AND MIKE!!!!!!!!! There were cards for each racer, then one of a kind cards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and DFL. They are truly amazing pieces of artwork!!!!!

Thanks again to everyone that came out. Please come out to the May rides, and contribute to Baton Rouge Bike Culture!!!!!!!

03 April 2009

Race To The Ends Of The Earth and polo equipment redux

Polo first:

Last night we had a sucessful Baton Rouge Bike Polo equipment re-make. We took the mallets apart and put new, larger ABS pipe on the end. The folks in New Orleans are using an ultra strong polymer pipe. Perhaps next month when we have to remake the mallets again, we will order some of that stuff. If you plan to come out to Baton Rouge Polo, please bring some cash ($5+) to help defray the expenses of the pipe, bolts, nuts, etc.

Race To The Ends Of The Earth second:

Mike and Lauren have created BEAUTIFUL hand drawn spoke cards. Each one is hand drawn
and hand colored. Check them out!!!!

01 April 2009

Bike Polo Mallet Making Party

Thursday, 4/2/09, 7PM, Andy Weber's house on Maximilian.
If you play polo, please come help us redo our mallets.
BYOBeverage, and bring a few bucks to help reimburse for
cost of materials (this shit ain't cheap!!!!)

28 March 2009

April b.r.ALLEY CAT


6:30PM registration, North of New Capitol Building, $5
Helmets and lights are strongly recommended

7PM race, 2 hour time limit

cash (and prizes?) to winners


Check points are:
1. Paper Clip Pier - WEST
2. Loading Dock - Chippewa St. and Lupine Ave - NORTH
3. Flagpole - Independence Theatre - EAST
4. Front steps of Archives Building - Essen Lane - SOUTH
5. Parker Coliseum - Highland Road on LSU Campus - CENTRAL

1. You MAY map out a route in advance
2. Checkpoints one thru four (1-4) MUST be completed in either ascending or descending order (so, 1 then 2 then 3 then 4 OR 4 then 3 then 2 then 1) The choice on this is yours.
3. Checkpoint 5 MUST be completed LAST




27 March 2009

Possible polo location

Hello all!

I have been thinking and looking around the city for possible polo spots.
In particular, I've been scouring for possible rain locations, and I think I've found one!!!!

At the corner of Acadian and Bawell there is a parking garage. I haven't been by there on a weekend yet, so I was hoping to do that this weekend and scout it out. It is behind a business, so I don't imagine that anyone would be there on weekends, but I may be wrong. I'm not even sure which business it is...

But, potential exists!


AND, I was just informed by a co-worker that Jacobs Engineering on Essen Lane has a parking garage behind it that we may be able to play in as well... I will check both of these locations out this weekend and post more here.

25 March 2009

Race To The Ends Of The Earth

Hello Baton Rouge bike riders!!!

We are in need of two more checkpoint workers for the race on Friday, April 3rd.
If you are interested in helping out, please email brbikepolo AT gmail DOT com

Time would be from approx. 6:50PM - 8:40PM

16 March 2009

Rainy day situation

So, Baton Rouge polo players, we have ourselves a predicament.
Saturday evening we met to play polo in the garage behind the Clerk of Court Building at 222 St. Louis St in downtown Baton Rouge. We played from about 6PM until 9:30PM with no problems. People were parking in the area closer to the stairs and the entrance ramp for the Monster Truck Jam that was in the River Center Arena, but they stayed out of our way, and we out of theirs. After such a great experience, we were feeling rather excited that we had apparently found a covered place to play polo for when it rains!!

We went back on Sunday afternoon and a BRPD officer was sitting in his car in the garage. We set up and started to roll around and he drove over and told us we had to leave. I asked him if the garage was public property. He said "well it is, but it isn't. If the mayor happens to come down here on a Sunday and sees you guys playing down here, its on me" Me: "what if I get permission from the Mayor?" him: "If you get permission from the mayor you guys can play all you want." So we left, armed with information. (more on that later)

We rode down to 6th and State Capitol Dr on the edge of Spanish Town and played on the lower level of the old Insurance Building parking garage for about 4 hours. After several games, I got a flat tire and went to get my van. I pulled my van down into the garage and we played for a short while more. As it started to get dark, we decided to move to the top level and play in the light for what little time was left. As I was pulling the van out of the garage, a capitol cop pulled me over. He said we weren't allowed to be in the garage because it was state property... which confused me. Anyway, I told him I was a member of BRASS (Baton Rouge Advocates for Safe Streets) and go to council meetings and went to the mayor's listening meetings, and that we were just playing polo, not spray painting or defacing public property. He said we could finish our games for the day and then head out. He also took my information to give to the Sgt of the D.P.S. bike patrol unit.

So we were playing on the roof of this garage and Don Coppola pulled up. At first I thought it was just another BRPD cop coming to hassle us. He is a BRPD bicycle cop. He watched us play and said that polo looked like it would be really beneficial for his guys to play in order for them to develop extremely useful bicycle handling skills.

So, what did we learn? If it is raining, we will try to play in both spots. I am going to post a letter to the mayor on this blog later for you to copy and paste and email to the mayor's office. He needs to know that this is a worldwide sport, it is not anymore dangerous than riding on a velodrome with no brakes or riding/skating on a public skatepark. So, I will be emailing this letter to the mayor probably every day and encourage you to do the same. He needs to know that this is in demand, and unless he wants to build a covered roller hockey rink for us to play on, he needs to let us play in a parking garage. The only liability would be if the garage fell apart and crushed us to death....

13 March 2009


I have finally been able to upload the photos from Sunday's first Baton Rouge Bike polo games.  They can be found at:


Check it out!! I will try to keep that as updated as possible.

09 March 2009

Sunday recap.....

1230 met Jeremy and Mark @ LSU clocktower, rode to Eutopia for polo.
1PM played polo
4:30 stopped playing polo, due to Mark's injury, went to hang at Andy W's house
5:20 rode to legislative parking garage to scout possible second location and rainy day location for polo. prospects look promising, as long as legislation is not in session... If state is in session, cars may be parked on Sunday afternoons.
6:30 back to Eutopia for polo with Mike G.
7:45 went to Chimes
9:30 rode around Baton Rouge in a group of 9 Here's the route:http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2619978

07 March 2009



12:30PM, LSU Clocktower, every Sunday.
Bring a bike (with your handlebars plugged), bring refreshments (booze only if you are over 21, please), and bring a good attitude!

2nd b.r.ALLEY CAT results

So the results are in....
The 2nd b.r.ALLEY CAT was last night with the theme KNOW YOUR BRIDGES AND WATERWAYS. We had 19 riders this month, up 7 from the 12 we had last month. Mike G. made us spokecards!! Racer cards were blue outline, with Skipper from Gilligan's Island in the bottom corner, asking "KNOW YOUR BRIDGES AND WATERWAYS?"

1st place - 1hr 1min - Jake Jake got a cash prize, Mid City Bikes Gift Certificate, and a beautiful special edition/1 of a kind GOLD bordered spoke card featuring the fox Ginger from Gilligan's Island.

2nd place - 1hr 11 min - Weeber Weeber got a cash prize, Mid City Bikes Gift Certificate, and a beautiful special edition/1 of a kind SILVER bordered spoke card featuring the loveable Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island.

DFL - 2 hr 26min - Rosanne Rosanne got her $5 registration back, and a beautiful special edition/1 of a kind PINK bordered spoke card featuring The Howells from Gilligan's Island.

(pictures in the post below this one)

SO, Baton Rouge, keep on showing up for these! 1st Friday, every month, rain or shine or snow. Always $5. Always 6:30 registration. Keep your eyes here for information for next month's edition of the b.r.ALLEY CAT, entitled RACE TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH

06 March 2009

SNEAK PEEK!!!!!!!!!

An image of some of the spoke cards for tonight's b.r.ALLEY CAT race!!!! Come on out!!!
Check out the post below for more info...

05 March 2009


2nd monthly b.r.ALLEY CAT is on for tomorrow, 3/6/09.
6:30 PM registration, $5, Enchanted Forest @ LSU
7PM race

Sponsored by Mid City Bikes again, so...... split pot and Mid City gift certificates to the winners!!!

Boundaries: I-10, Kenilworth, Burbank, and Myrtle.
BRING A MARKER, HELMET, AND LIGHTS!!! This one is in traffic....

17 February 2009


What: Baton Rouge Hardcourt Bike Polo every Sunday at 1PM
Where: Basketball courts near the corner of East and South
(under the I-10 I-110 split)

With: Mallets, polo balls, and goals will be provided. Bring yourself, your bike,
a good attitude, and whatever refreshments you want.

Please familiarize yourself with the following rules:

-Two teams of three players.
-Any type of bicycle is allowed. Handlebars MUST be plugged.
-Mallets must resemble a croquet mallet with a wide side and a round end. Modified ski poles and plastic pipe are the most common materials. The handle end of the mallet MUST be plugged. -The ball will be a street hockey ball.
-Goals will be spaced one bike length apart.
-If a goal cone is disrupted it is the responsibility of the player who disrupted it to fix it.
-Start of a game: Each team will be stopped behind its own goal line and the ball will be positioned at center court. Play will begin with a “3 2 1 GO!” from the sideline.
-Players may not play the ball with their feet at any time.
-Scoring a goal must be made from what started as a hit. A hit is made from the end of a player’s mallet. A “shuffle” does not count as a goal; if the ball is shuffled through the goal, play continues uninterrupted.
-After a goal is scored, the team who scored returns to their endline. The team who was scored on takes possession of the ball.
-Call out the score after each goal.
-Passing “backward” through the goal (from behind the goal line to in front of it, through the goal, a.k.a. “goal offsides”): When the ball is passed through the goal in this way, a goal CANNOT be scored by the first player to play the ball. Any subsequent player to play the ball may score. If a ball is shot from in front of the goal line and does not go through the goal but bounces off the back wall and comes out through the goal, the ball is in play and can be scored. A ball that crosses a goal line backwards must be “hit” before it can score.
-Players must not touch the ground, or “foot-down”. Each time a player goes foot-down, that player is out of play and may not play the ball until they ride to the side line at center court and touch the side. Then they may return to play.
-Contact rules: “Like” contact is allowed. Player to player (body to body), except grabbing or pushing with hands. Mallet to mallet (generally, hitting another player’s mallet is poor etiquette if that player is not attempting to play the ball or in front of the goal, playing goalie). Bike to bike.
-Everything else is NOT allowed: Mallet to player, player to bike, mallet to bike, etc.
-Throwing of mallets is not allowed at any time, in any situation.
-Some games are timed and end after 10 minutes. Some games are not timed.
-Most games are played to 5 points. Some games are played to 3 points.
-Trash talking is allowed. :-)

13 February 2009

2nd b.r.ALLEY CAT 03/06/09

2nd b.r.ALLEY CAT Aw, yeah!

Bring it on

Prizes for winners!!!!!!

09 February 2009

Baton Rouge Bike Polo

If you would like to donate to the euqipment fund for Baton Rouge Bike Polo, please email brbikepolo AT gmail DOT com

We are in need of donations to purchase mallets, traffic cones, and roller hockey balls so that we may begin playing in this lovely city!

If you plan on playing, please donate according to ability.

02 February 2009



If you are interested in starting a regular schedule of bike polo in Baton Rouge, please email brbikepolo at gmail dot com.

Once I have enough people interested, I will take up donations of $10 to help purchase a community set of equipment (mallets, balls, traffic cones) that will be brought to each pick up game.

Let's get this going Baton Rouge! Spread the word!