02 August 2009

Sunday Aug 2 RECAP

Mobile brought 4, PCOLA brought 1, NOLA brought 2, BR brought a ton!!! Good stuff BROLO players.

Next week, Colin, David, and Travis will be team BROLO in Austin, TX at the Austin Bicycle Film Festival Polo Tournament. Andy is their coach, because he broke his shoulder blade.

Despite these guys being gone, BROLO will still happen at Tina's House of Pain at 1PM, so you better show up! Mark, Dustin, and Angel all have their own mallets now... community mallets are becoming more and more community, as Colin's find of ski poles is enabling BR to really customize our mallets for ourselves. Thanks Colin! If you want ski poles, they are 2 for $5. We are reimbursing his brother for shipping, then making BROLO stickers with the rest of the cash, so its for a good cause.

See you guys next time!


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