26 April 2009


As you can see, there are some pretty monumental progressions being made in the Tour Da Rouge. We have a bunch of great sponsors, so make sure to get as many people out as you can!

A few things:
1) Recommendations for each race:
+Prologue = you vs. the clock - road bike; speed is essential
+Bricklayer = carrying a big load on our back - a big bag is essential (speed too...)
+Campus Crawl = most accessible of all the races, any bike will do. Bring a marker, and a camera might help, but is not necessary. (Yay!)
+Stairmaster = lightest bike possible, do not wear toe clips unless you can get in and out of them REALLY quickly. Don't forget to bring your balance and your thigh muscles.


This rule will not continue to later b.r.alley cats, but in the spirit of National Bike Month, we want this series to be an extra safe one. Especially with the demands that will be placed on you for these 4 races. Please just wear your helmet and don't make it a big deal.


15 April 2009


Registration for this one will be at Baton Rouge Beach on Stanford Avenue.
I hope you are ready, Baton Rouge. This is gonna be a really fantastic series.
We are gonna have so much fun and have some really great prizes to hand out at the end of the series!!!! So far, we have prizes from Seagull Messenger Bags, Urban Velo Magazine, and IRO Cycle. If anyone out there wants to take up making some super DIY t-shirts for these races, please let me know!
brbikepolo [at] gmail [dot] com

04 April 2009

ANNOUNCING THE FIRST: Tour Da Rouge (a b.r.alley cat production)

May, as you might be aware of, is National Bike Month. In May, we are going to change things up a bit when it comes to b.r.ALLEY CATS. We are going to do FOUR of them.

These races will be the same format, $5 each race, but the prizes will be given out at the end of the Tour. Probable prize categories include Overall Winners, Fixie Riders, Lady Riders, Out Of Town Riders, etc. We will also be doing some skid competitions, trackstand competitions, etc so you better find where you stashed your balance.

I will need some assistance with checkpoints for these rides. I have had some friends graciously offer to start and end some of these so that I can ride in them, which is cool. So, thanks for that. You know who you are... :-) BRING IT ON BATON ROUGE!!!! LET'S DO THIS FOR REAL!!!!!

Race To The Ends Of The Earth...A Success

Thanks to all 13 riders who came out for the Baton Rouge edition of the Race To The Ends Of The Earth. The 3rd b.r.Alley Cat went off without too many hitches. We had one rider get in a small crash with a car, everyone was okay. 2 flat tires... Good times for bike riders!!!

The route was roughly 20 miles, depending on your course. The top five riders (Jason, Travis, Clayton, David, and Baine) all had a 1 mile, 3 lap circuit they had to ride once everyone else got back. That was to decide who got the cash prizes to the top two.

We had special spoke cards made for this race by Lauren and Mike. THANK YOU LAUREN AND MIKE!!!!!!!!! There were cards for each racer, then one of a kind cards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and DFL. They are truly amazing pieces of artwork!!!!!

Thanks again to everyone that came out. Please come out to the May rides, and contribute to Baton Rouge Bike Culture!!!!!!!

03 April 2009

Race To The Ends Of The Earth and polo equipment redux

Polo first:

Last night we had a sucessful Baton Rouge Bike Polo equipment re-make. We took the mallets apart and put new, larger ABS pipe on the end. The folks in New Orleans are using an ultra strong polymer pipe. Perhaps next month when we have to remake the mallets again, we will order some of that stuff. If you plan to come out to Baton Rouge Polo, please bring some cash ($5+) to help defray the expenses of the pipe, bolts, nuts, etc.

Race To The Ends Of The Earth second:

Mike and Lauren have created BEAUTIFUL hand drawn spoke cards. Each one is hand drawn
and hand colored. Check them out!!!!

01 April 2009

Bike Polo Mallet Making Party

Thursday, 4/2/09, 7PM, Andy Weber's house on Maximilian.
If you play polo, please come help us redo our mallets.
BYOBeverage, and bring a few bucks to help reimburse for
cost of materials (this shit ain't cheap!!!!)