23 November 2009


Everyone who wants a say in where the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships are needs to go to bikepolo.ca, read the bids, and let me know by Tuesday. I will be reporting the thoughts of BR to one of the regional reps (Rob ATX or Ryan PCOLA) so that our voice is heard.

Both bids are very strong. Keep in mind, Madison will be cheaper in every respect, they've done it before, and Madison kinda rules.

Boston is an amazing big town, there will most likely be free lodging. And maybe we could check out a preseason Red Sox game...

New Orleans Tourny

What's up, BROLO!!!!

Good times were had at the New Orleans Bike Polo Tournament.

Team Coonass Smash (Mark L, Dustin L, Andy Tuba L) finished somewhere in the 9-12 range, out of 19 teams.

Saturday record: 2-3.
Wins against one of the Austin teams, and FTL teams.
Losses to COMO (came in 3rd,) FTL (came in 2nd,) and BOT 9 (Frazer, Jace, Paul NOLA.)

Sunday record: 2-2.
Lost first game to Lonesome Beards (Travis BR, Cien and Mikey NOLA)
Win against The Originals (Anne Savannah, Angel BR, Tiffany PCola?)
Win against a team from Mobile (Don't remember their name)
Loss to a NOLA team (Will and Lando NOLA, and Trevor from Calgary?)

Travis's team had a good run too. They ended up finishing in fourth place. They had an epic tie game against team Pandzig (Chris and Peter from Philly, Jeff NOLA) They reset and played a sudden death game-first team to score moves on.

Good times, good times.

Talk to any of us that went for more details.

01 November 2009



We need to figure out a way to communicate effectively with one another. Today I spent an hour loading the boards into the Van Prix, driving them to the courts, and sitting there for half an hour waiting for folks to show up. No one told me they couldn't make it. If communication was had between some of the rest of you, it didn't make it to me.

On that note, we need to purchase some chain and a combo padlock so we can drill holes in our boards and cones and leave them chained under the highway. That would alleviate the problem we had today. Can everyone chip in 3 or 4 dollars towards that cause?

And, finally, what are teams to NOLA? Dave, Travis, and Colin? Mark? Dustin? Who else is going? We need to start playing on those teams to get some reps in. I want to know so that I can organize a team with some out of towners, if need be. Let's communicate.