01 November 2009



We need to figure out a way to communicate effectively with one another. Today I spent an hour loading the boards into the Van Prix, driving them to the courts, and sitting there for half an hour waiting for folks to show up. No one told me they couldn't make it. If communication was had between some of the rest of you, it didn't make it to me.

On that note, we need to purchase some chain and a combo padlock so we can drill holes in our boards and cones and leave them chained under the highway. That would alleviate the problem we had today. Can everyone chip in 3 or 4 dollars towards that cause?

And, finally, what are teams to NOLA? Dave, Travis, and Colin? Mark? Dustin? Who else is going? We need to start playing on those teams to get some reps in. I want to know so that I can organize a team with some out of towners, if need be. Let's communicate.

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  1. Ohnoes! I'm sorry you had to play SOLOpolo today. I was sailing. $4 plus a drill to the lockup cause from me- get a combo lock so we can all use it.