11 August 2009

Austin semi-recap

Travis, Dave, and Colin went to Austin this past weekend for the Austin Bicycle Film Festival Polo Tournament. According to Travis, the play was good, and BROLO represented Baton Rouge in a very positive way. I believe the winning team was a team from NOLA, so props to our sister city and their polo team for showing how we roll in Louisiana. WE PLAY POLO IN LOUISIANA.

No one showed for polo locally in BTR, I think it was just one of those off weekends where with 3 folks gone, Andy and Rose injured, everyone else just sorta did other stuff.

That said, lets show up on the 16th and play some crazy polo. I haven't heard from NOLA Jeff to see if he is rolling up here this weekend or if he may stay in NOLA. But, either way, we will be there playing BROLO. Come on out!

02 August 2009

Sunday Aug 2 RECAP

Mobile brought 4, PCOLA brought 1, NOLA brought 2, BR brought a ton!!! Good stuff BROLO players.

Next week, Colin, David, and Travis will be team BROLO in Austin, TX at the Austin Bicycle Film Festival Polo Tournament. Andy is their coach, because he broke his shoulder blade.

Despite these guys being gone, BROLO will still happen at Tina's House of Pain at 1PM, so you better show up! Mark, Dustin, and Angel all have their own mallets now... community mallets are becoming more and more community, as Colin's find of ski poles is enabling BR to really customize our mallets for ourselves. Thanks Colin! If you want ski poles, they are 2 for $5. We are reimbursing his brother for shipping, then making BROLO stickers with the rest of the cash, so its for a good cause.

See you guys next time!


01 August 2009

Sunday Aug 2

So, BR(p)OLO followers. Word on the streets (read: internet) says that we may have a large turnout this sunday. Let's show up en masse! (that's french I think for in large numbers..)

MOBPOLO will be showing up with at least 3 folks, Jeff is coming up from NOLA again, and more from NOLA may roll up to use BR as a warm up for Austin next weekend. Lets kick some serious ass and play some hard polo.

As you may or may not have heard, I broke my shoulder blade. I am grounded for up to 8 weeks. But I will play at least 2 games on Sunday, and will play in Austin. No matter what. I'm not fucking around with this. I hate watching and not being able to play. I'll play fucking goalie the whole time or some shit. :-)

You guys rule, polo rules, BR rules.

Peace, Love, and BR(p)OLO, HAVE A NICE DAY!