01 August 2009

Sunday Aug 2

So, BR(p)OLO followers. Word on the streets (read: internet) says that we may have a large turnout this sunday. Let's show up en masse! (that's french I think for in large numbers..)

MOBPOLO will be showing up with at least 3 folks, Jeff is coming up from NOLA again, and more from NOLA may roll up to use BR as a warm up for Austin next weekend. Lets kick some serious ass and play some hard polo.

As you may or may not have heard, I broke my shoulder blade. I am grounded for up to 8 weeks. But I will play at least 2 games on Sunday, and will play in Austin. No matter what. I'm not fucking around with this. I hate watching and not being able to play. I'll play fucking goalie the whole time or some shit. :-)

You guys rule, polo rules, BR rules.

Peace, Love, and BR(p)OLO, HAVE A NICE DAY!

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