27 July 2009

Great Turnout!!!

This past Sunday we had another great day of turnout. Nathanial (sp?), Kenneth, Jon Peterson, and another guy on a Giant Mountain Bike whose name escapes me at the moment came out and played for the first time ever!!!! Unfrotunately, Nathanial is moving back to VA soon, so we are losing him. Hopefully he returns to Harrisburg stoked on polo and plays up there.

In addition to those four folks, Dave, Travis, Jeff (NOLA), Angel, Mark, Keller, Colin, Mikey (NOLA), and probably someone else obvious that I am forgetting, came out to play.

I am sidelined with a shoulder injury from a bike crash so I didn't play. Clay came by to hang out, as did Mark M., and Timarie (Mikey from NOLA's lady). Travis's parents also came by to watch for a short spell.

It was a great day of polo until......... it rained........
All the water from the interstate above came rushing down to where we were below, sending us running to move our bags and coolers to get out of the way of the nasty oil/water from the roadway above us...

Anywho, great day of polo, keep it up BR, keep the turnout coming, spread the word, and we'll see you next Sunday.

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