15 March 2010

3 - 2 - 1 - GO!!!!!!!!!!!

For the second weekend in a row, we have had beautiful weather and some awesome polo!

Play lasted about 5 hours yesterday. There was pizza and beer, blood and mechanical failures, and lots of help getting the boards out to and back from the courts.

I think that the meet at the Taj Mahal before going to Tina's House of Pain is a good thing. Let's keep that up for this coming weekend. Meet around noon, play by one.

01 March 2010


Let's play polo this weekend, Baton Rouge. I'll create a facebook event since that's the only way you guys communicate. Polo is too much fun to not play. Plus, the Saints season is over so now we can play! See you this weekend!


Upcoming polo events:

Tuba is going to go to LSU and the city to find us a place to play that is lit and covered and has a storage facility that we can utilize nearby for boards. We need to make this happen if we are ever going to play enough to get to a truly competitive level.

April 3-5: Lexington Polo Invitational - Chris from Lexington invited Baton Rouge to this tourny. If anyone can go on the first weekend of spring break, let me know so we can start forming teams and practicing.

July 16-18: North American Championships - This will be fun. Madison, WI is a great biking town. You would all have a blast there. Let's make a week and a half journey out of this and visit cities on the way up. Memphis, Lexington, Indianapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis are all within reach.... Let's do it!!!