30 June 2009

June 28th, 2009

This past Sunday, BR(p)OLO was lucky enough to have AB from Pensacola, Frazer (temprarily) from Mobile, and Jeff and Paul from NOLA come up to play polo with us. Colin, Jason, David, Jared, and myself were also there.

Thanks to Clay for bringing us popsicles.

Thanks to the DPS officer for kicking us out of our parking garage. We found a better spot anyway.

Thanks to Jeff and Paul for having polo eyes open and finding our new spot for us.

If anyone has sheets of plywood that are going unused, please let me know. We can use it.

24 June 2009

Atlanta Midsummer Invitational 3 v 3 Polo Tournament

The AMIPOLO Tournament was this past weekend. Team BR(p)OLO got smashed.... We went 0-5 getting outscored 5-0, 5-1, 3-1, 5-0, and 5-0.

The first round of this tournament was supposed to be a round robin style day of polo. I believe there were roughly 20 teams that showed up. This would mean that each team should have played 19 games. Well, the two courts were not managed very well, and the format was not thought out very well, so each team playing 19 games did not happen. Some teams played as few as 4 games, some played as many as 8. We got a draw that included Carve Smash from New Orleans, Pensanola of Pensacola/New Orleans, COMOsexuals from Columbia Misouri, XXO from Ft. Lauderdale, and Shanty Chasers from Jacksonville, FL. All of those teams, except for Shanty Chasers, were in the final 8....

Other teams got a draw of teams that were not in the final 8 at all....and ended up in the final 8 with a perfect (or near perfect) record.

All those things aside, the tournament was a learning experience. I know that I personally felt out of place and intimidated and didn't play my normal game. Roadrash played well, and Weeber played his normal brand too.

Baton Rouge just plays weak, slow polo in comparison COMO, RVA, FTL, and others. That said, we have been playing since March, and have already shown up to a polo tournament. So, BR(p)OLO has the devotion, and the motivation. I think we have the setup now with our rides to be comeptitive. We just need to consistently play. We need people to show up. So, if you come out to Polo on Sundays, keep on showing up. If you show up every once in a while, SHOW THE FUCK UP every time. We need consistent play. We need consistent attendance. It would be a dream if 8-10 people show up every week. That way some folks could take a rest every other game or so, and we could work on our game. Let's make BTR a hidden gem of bike polo.

16 June 2009

Please check out...


a big event to happen in BTR in November needs help.

Austin post

Hi all---

there is a post at http://atxbpsc.blogspot.com/2009/06/lft.html that kinda recaps this past weekend's polo from the Austin, TX point of view. It was a good time! Robert, Israel, and Jordan had supremely good bike handling skills, and I look forward to getting to play them in Atlanta.

Come on out to polo tonight. We are going to be playing everyone against BTR-A in order to prepare for the tourny this weekend. It will be fun! Please show....

15 June 2009

Polo in NOLA

Weeber, Roadrash, and Dr. Tuba drove down to NOLA to play some killer polo yesterday. Luckily, no one suffered any broken bones or major injuries. Last week, one of the NOLA guys had to get stitches in his knee...

The trips to NOLA are in preparation for the Atlanta Midsummer Invitational in Atlanta, Georgia next weekend. Travis, Andy, and David are on a team, and Jared is rolling with us up there.

We have a free place to stay, so all should be fun!

Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/saucecherry/sets/72157619366766713/

July Alleycat

Check out http://bralleycat.blogspot.com for details on the July race. Weeber is heading this one up.

08 June 2009


I am in the process of moving all things bralley cat from this blog over to http://bralleycat.blogspot.com

Bike polo and the alley cats are happening with enough regularity and fervor that they deserve their own space. That way it is less confusing for out of towners to find what is going on where.

Polo! Polo! Polo!

Played about 8 hours of polo yesterday in New Orleans with NOLA and P-COLA. Some good lessons were learned, I think. Polo is a game of ball handling and bicycle control, not so much speed and hard shots. It is about creating an opportune moment and then siezing that opportunity. Bring it on, Baton Rouge!

06 June 2009

New Orleans Polo

Hey folks! We are gonna meet at the parking garage where we normally play on Sunday at 1PM. We are gonna roll out from there shortly there-after (FOR REAL) to go to New Orleans to play polo down there. It will be Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Pensacola, and Austin all playing in the same spot. If you can make it, please let me Justin Weber know. I have room for one more person/bike in my car, Justin has room for two people and two bikes in his truck. If you can drive people and bikes, please bring your vehicle as well. If need be, we can leave it parked downtown. We will return to BTR sometime in the evening (7 or 8?)

05 June 2009



For some reason, Kathryn seems blown away that bike polo exists in Baton Rouge. And, that we are organizing alley cat races. Because we ride this way, we must be hipsters, according to her post. And so I say... HIPSTERS UNITE!!!!!!!