29 October 2009

Article on BROLO in 225 Magazine

225 Magazine is not just for 225 area code... it gets distributed as far away as Mississippi! This means that BROLO is being publicized to a large audience in this really nice (aside from a few small issues) article! Check it out--


27 October 2009

P-Cola recap

So from what I hear, Dave and Travis rolled over to Pensacola this past Friday for the 2009 edition of Bike Polo Fall Break. This was a random team polo tournament with teams chosen once you get there. Dave ended up on a team with Jeff from NOLA, and they were the winning team! Way to GEAUX Dave!!!!! Great job Travis and Dave representing the BROLO style.

We will play polo this Sunday. I have heard from Nick that since the Saints are playing on Monday he will be able to make it. I hope the same goes for Colin as well. Those games last Tuesday night (Travis, Jason, Weeber, Colin, Mark, Rosanne, and Andy) were some fun games. Keep BROLO happening!