05 June 2009



For some reason, Kathryn seems blown away that bike polo exists in Baton Rouge. And, that we are organizing alley cat races. Because we ride this way, we must be hipsters, according to her post. And so I say... HIPSTERS UNITE!!!!!!!


  1. I didn't realize I wasn't showing the polo/alleycat luv in the right way. Excuse me while I get a haircut and a new pair of old shoes and a different bike and regress my age 10 years. I'll be right back, properly styled. Unite!

  2. that's one thing i like about the b.r. alleycats, it's a bunch o' folk who like a simple, good-natured ride with a splash of silliness. hipster, hippie, bike geek , or what-have-you.

    and what's the latest on july's?

  3. July's info will be posted soon. Justin Weber (aka Weeber aka da Champion of da Tour) is organizing this one.