28 May 2009

Stairmaster Route

I've been getting some questions from folks who either didn't race or are from out of town asking what the route was for the stairmaster. Follow the link below to see it.


Prose version of the route:

Start @ Laurel and I-110
W on Laurel, L on 6th, R on Convention, R into parking lot just W of 4th
Follow alley ways/parking lots in between 4th and 3rd until you get to Main.
Follow 4th to Spanish Town Rd, R on Spanish Town Rd, L on 5th St, R on Lakeland
L onto parking garage.
Down 11 back to 5th. Into Armory Park.
Up 15 in front of Armory. Around cannon to the back of the Capitol bldg.
Down 28
Up 28
To 3rd st, R on Lafayette, to Capitol Park Visitor's Center
Down 11 to River Rd. Follow River Rd to Pedestrian Bridge
Up 28, E to end of bridge. L, down 11, down 5, up 9 to St. Philip St, L on North, L on River Rd
Pass up pedestrian bridge, go up stairs under fountain. Go up and over pedestrian bridge again.
Immediately following pedestrian bridge, go down stairs to left.
Ride under pedestrian bridge to meandering ramp up levee (watch out for sleeping bums)

Ride to just N or paper clip pier, down to water level. Ride N on levee, jumping the 3 railings.
When the stairs end, climb to top of levee, run down 7 stairs to Florida. East on Florida to 10th, N on 10th, then W on laurel....

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