23 May 2009

Thank You

A huge thank you to:
Mike Guy for helping me out with all these races.
Richard at Wabi Bicycles, MD at Velocity Rims, Steven at Milwaukee Bicycle Company,
Nicole at IRO Cycle INC., all the folks at Seagull Messenger Bags, Vic at One Fixed clothing, Cort and HERC Apparel, Chris and Scott at Pedal Play Bicycles, Mark at Capitol Cyclery, Brad at Urban Velo Magazine, Katie and her beautiful painting, WES at soldergal.com, Yanco at Yanco Pads, and of course, Dave and Chelsea's Cafe for letting us crash there after all our rides.

Also, big time thanks for Mark for taking photos at all the stages and getting some solid documentation of the amazingness that you guys provide by showing up to all these races.

Those of you who ride in these make Baton Rouge a bikeable city. By riding and showing people that we belong on the streets, that we aren't afraid to be on these streets, we are making a statement and helping those who will ride long after we are gone have a safer ride. Not only are we having fun, but we are raising awareness.

How many people watched some dude/lady on a bike roll up to wal-mart on Siegen or Whole Foods on May 1st?

Remember the craziness of the first stop at Red Star in the bricklayer on May 8th? Everyone walking by wanted to know what was up...

Graduation day on campus, and there is a scavenger hunt going on? Amazing!

17 people running up and down all the stairs carrying bikes near the river center during Live After Five? How many people saw you ride your bike downtown on May 22nd??

Raising awareness. Pushing boundaries. You all responded wonderfully.

Next month is organized by Clay and Keith, and I believe is called Math and Calculations (or something like that) Keep your eyes here for more info on that. We will go back to our first Friday of the month routine, 5 bucks, 6:30 registration, 7PM race, after party at Chelsea's.

Justin is organizing July, and I have a killer idea for August, so that is when we will be back to my brand of insanity... :-)

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