18 May 2009

Prize Categories

Here are the tentative prize categories.

Overall categories (for racers who finished all 4 races)
Sponsors for these racers may include (but are not limited to)
Wabi Bicycles, Velocity Rims, Milwaukee Bicycle Co., IRO Cycle Inc., Seagull Messenger Bags

??????? - 1st Overall
??????? - 2nd Overall
??????? - 3rd Overall

??????? - 1st Fixed Gear (David kinda has this one in the bag, as long as he shows up this week)

??????? - D.F.L.

Individual Categories:
Sponsors for these winners may include (but are not limited to) Seagull Messenger Bags, Urban Velo Magazine, Milwaukee Bicycle Co., One Fixed Clothing, HERC Apparel, Soldergal, Capital Cyclery, Chelsea's Cafe, Yanco Pads

1st place female (So far, Jen.... but if she doesn't show up this week, all it takes is Lauren or Rose to show up and pay and start the race and they win....)

1st place cruiser (Moshe pretty much has this one in the bag...)

1st place flat tire (I manufactured this prize for myself since I rode the last 5 miles of stage two on a flat tire... Chris and Pedal Play Bicycles donated a seat bag so I can carry around some spare inner tubes as a prize for this one...)

1st place O.O.T. (if anyone from out of town shows up...)

2nd place fixed gear

Plus, prizes for 1st and 2nd place of each stage
So far:

Justin - 1st place stage one
Keith - 2nd place stage one

Clayton - 1st place stage two
Jake - 2nd place stage two

Moshe - 1st place stage three
David - second place stage three

??????? - 1st place stage four
??????? - 2nd place stage four

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  1. All right, looking forward to this race. I will be at the training ride and am hoping to BRING IT on Friday. I need at least 1 good finish in this tour.