20 May 2009

Racer count...

As you can see from the Tour da Rouge information on the side bar, we have had an increasing number of riders for each race. We had ten racers in the prologue. We had 12 racers in the bricklayer. We had 17 racers in the campus crawl.

Now, I challenge you, every single rider, bring a friend who has not raced in a Tour da Rouge event yet. Make them come. Especially if you see Sara Beth or her boyfriend. They haven't come out to a single race yet, and they need to. Lets get at least 20 folks racing in the Stairmaster.

Oh, and Matt-----as long as you show up and register and complete the first lap, you are guaranteed a DOPE prize. So...please show up.... Don't think that just because you are in fourth you are not going to get a prize. With only 4 folks who have showed up to all four races, I will make sure to hook you up... :-)

RIDE SAFE, and see you Friday!


  1. can u tell me the location of stage 4? I couldn't find it online.

  2. can you tell me the location of stage 4? I couldnt find it online.