09 May 2009

Stage Two Results

So, Mike had a pretty brutal scoring and brick getting system made up for us. Since he was the creator and executor of this stage, I was a rider. I will try to explain the points breakdown for this stage as best I can.

First to finish, second to finish, and third to finish got 10, 8, and 6 points respectively, regardless of the number of bricks carried.

The stops were:

Start: Levee and Skip Bertman
First: Red Star
Second: Port Royal
Third: Spanish Moon
Fourth: NGT
Finish: City Park

At each stop, there were enough bricks for each rider to take one brick. In addition, the first, second, and third riders to each stop were to take 3 extra, 2 extra, and one extra, respectively. So, if the same person were first to each stop, they would have one brick from the beginning, plus 4 from each checkpoint, for a total of 17 bricks!!!

4th thru 12th riders to each stop could take their one brick, plus however many of 7 extra bricks they wanted.

At the finishline, points were awarded for total number of bricks plus place points, if necessary.

So the individual points for this stage broke down like this:

Clayton 10 1st place points, plus 12 brick points = 22 points
Jake 8 2nd place points, plus 12 brick points = 20 points
Weeber 6 3rd place points, plus 10 brick points = 16 points
Travis 14 brick points = 14 points (6th finisher)
Keith 11 brick points = 11 points (4th finisher)
Josh 10 brick points = 10 points (10th finisher)
Andy 9 brick points = 9 points (5th finisher)
David 8 brick points = 8 points (7th finisher)
Ause 8 brick points = 8 points (9th finisher)
Matt 7 brick points = 7 points (8th finisher)
Moshe 7 brick points = 7 points (12th finisher)
Nick 5 brick points = 5 points (11th finisher)

I heard of some folks taking some really funky routes, so I figured I would post mine up here for your consumption. Here is my route: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2805692
I got a flat tire almost exactly where the 10 mile bubble is.... so the last 4.5 miles or so, I was riding on an absolutely 100% flat tire. And still finished 5th, time wise... imagine what could have been if the tire woulda held out... >:-)

b.r.alley cats rule. You guys rule for coming out every week and doing this. It will pay off!

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