04 April 2009

ANNOUNCING THE FIRST: Tour Da Rouge (a b.r.alley cat production)

May, as you might be aware of, is National Bike Month. In May, we are going to change things up a bit when it comes to b.r.ALLEY CATS. We are going to do FOUR of them.

These races will be the same format, $5 each race, but the prizes will be given out at the end of the Tour. Probable prize categories include Overall Winners, Fixie Riders, Lady Riders, Out Of Town Riders, etc. We will also be doing some skid competitions, trackstand competitions, etc so you better find where you stashed your balance.

I will need some assistance with checkpoints for these rides. I have had some friends graciously offer to start and end some of these so that I can ride in them, which is cool. So, thanks for that. You know who you are... :-) BRING IT ON BATON ROUGE!!!! LET'S DO THIS FOR REAL!!!!!


  1. Sign me up for checkpointing and whatever else you need so you can haul your ass around with the rest of the pack!

  2. i want to participate in the lady rides, but i'm also down for helping out wherever you need someone to be.