09 March 2009

Sunday recap.....

1230 met Jeremy and Mark @ LSU clocktower, rode to Eutopia for polo.
1PM played polo
4:30 stopped playing polo, due to Mark's injury, went to hang at Andy W's house
5:20 rode to legislative parking garage to scout possible second location and rainy day location for polo. prospects look promising, as long as legislation is not in session... If state is in session, cars may be parked on Sunday afternoons.
6:30 back to Eutopia for polo with Mike G.
7:45 went to Chimes
9:30 rode around Baton Rouge in a group of 9 Here's the route:http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2619978


  1. So, you stopped for me?!?! That's so cute! Where's the bloody picture?

  2. Well, we did stop because you and Andy W left to get ice for your leg. Not necessarily for you. I have the pitcures on my laptop, as as soon as I can get my laptop to an internet connection, I will have them posted.

  3. True enough . . . that did take the player numbers down to three! Wait until you see my arm bruise. It's totally awesome and migratory!