06 August 2010


Alot has happened since last update.

Paradise is no more. The residents complained to BREC and BREC discontinued our allowance to use the tennis courts at Parkview Park.

Mark L. moved to Seattle after a fun day of polo and party at the TAJ Mahal.

Polo is now in a state of WTF here in Baton Rouge.

We need a place to play that is lit at night that people won't fuck with us. Any suggestions should be emailed to brbikepolo@gmail.com

We also need to come up with a day that we can play on a weekly basis. I say Sundays or Wednesday nights. Again, suggestions sent to brbikepolo@gmail.com

Let's hear what's up, BROLO.

1 comment:

  1. they place on laurel has been working sort of, but the drunk dude was sort of sketch.